ventiotec offers consultation and know-how for the research and development in the sector of surface science, especially in the nano technology. The focus lies in the development of individual solutions for scanning probe microscopy and coatings.

Current news

You want to try the latest Ubuntu Desktop and GXSM3? Then download our linux distribution! Is is free of charge. It is avail here GXSM3 Ubuntu 18.04.1 64 Bit) and features GXSM3 version 3.48.0, all neceesary binary and source packages. To check the file integraty: The MD5 sum is 69b8734d6a1c2d32c20ea1637e8724b2.
If you have an older 32 bit system, you can still download our GXSM3 Ubuntu 16.04 32 Bit distribution with GXSM3 version 3.47.1. In the future, we will only support the 64 bit iso files.